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Digital transformation is hard. Let us help you replace waste with information that can increase efficiency and reduce cost 

Digital Transformation Platform

A unique combination of business process strategy consulting and technology implementation from our industry experts using the digital transformation tools

Customer Focused (CX)

We transform our customer's journey ONE at a time. Provide value-based not the product or price. We believe in social selling, so built the customer-focused culture. 

Year-end Value of Savings 

Inventory upto 23%, Account receivables upto 18%, Purchasing cost upto 5%, Warranty spending upto 15% and Increase 80% efficiency in Claims processing.

PARTFLO Manufacturing

Industry 4.0 Cloud ERP

Warranty & Extended Warranty Management

End-to-End Global Warranty Management system for auto, industrial equipment, and part manufacturers.

Claims Processing

Supports multi-channel claims submission, rules-driven, and processed within hours.

Part Return & Analysis

Enables Manufacturers to reduce warranty cost by orchestrating the supplier recovery and core part return process

Prior Approval Process

End-to-End process that notifies the repair technicians a repair may need to be approved before it can be completed.

Inventory and Warehouse Management

Less stock or no stock fully automated replenishments

All-in-one Manufacturing

MRP, Quality, Maintenance and PLM fully integrated. Capture data in relatime from your shop floor equipment using API

Sales Management

Streamline communication, manage order and contracts.

Purchase Management

Manage invoices, handle product variants, analyse and forecast.

Website & Ecommerce

Integrated tools, shopping experience, payments and shipping.

Customer Relationship Management

Efficient communication, manage leads, opportunities and customers. 

Collaboration & Communication Tools

Integrated live chat, calendar, email marketing and other tools

PARTFLO Essentials

Deals with all types of essentials

POS - Groceries

Store management, payments, checkouts, products and web applications

POS - Restaurants

Easily split bills, kitchen and bar printing and handle multiple customers.

POS - Pharmacy Management 

Manages sales, purchase, barcoding and batch pricing.

POS - Clothing Store 

Manages products, coupons, barcodes, sales, purchase, barcoding and batch pricing.

Hospital Management

Patient Management, Lab test requests and results.

Localization and Internationalization

Support multi currency, multi language and taxation.

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